Instruction of use

  •  if possible, check and update your contact information (first name, last name, email and phone)
  •     to add users to your Company account, you must send a list (first name, last name, email and contact phone to the email address below
  •     the address in your account contact information is the registered address, the shipping address is added during the ordering process
  •     when ordering, the consignee's shipping address must be added only once (including if the company's has multiple shipping locations), the next time it is selectable from the drop-down menu. If, in the future, you do not select an existing address from the drop-down menu, it will be saved as a new shipping address.
  •     for a better overview, I recommend Display as a list and Sort By: Code (A-Z)
  •    stock quantity in list and grid display is total, the product page lists stock quantity in separate warehouses
  •    the product data sheet includes technical information for selected products
  •     You can select products in your shopping cart by searching in product groups or by using search
  •     you can type either the product name (for example, 540/65R30 for a tire) or a partial product code (for example, for o-rings RN10)
  •     product groups have the opportunity to narrow the selection with brands. You can select multiple brands at once. Non-branded products are only visible without the use of a brand filter.

For more information and problems contact, phone +3725165370

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