We perform assembly of conveyor belts by cold vulcanization, gluing, hot vulcanization and clamp connections. We use the WK-1200 mobile press, with which we can attach up to 1400mm wide conveyor belt. Hot vulcanization gives a better bond strength compared to gluing, and after removal of the press, the conveyor belt can be put into operation, but in the case of gluing, the drying time of the glue is increased.

We cover the drive drums with non-slip coating material. Rubber coating of metal structures to improve corrosion and abrasion resistance.

We manufacture dispenser tapes, magnetic tapes, napkins and elevator tapes.





We perform cutting of details from rubber, conveyor belt and paronite according to customer's drawing.




We make composite hoses according to customer's request. Hoses and fittings with different characteristics are available. We also provide the service of certification of composite hoses with the customer.


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